DVD Web shop is a DVD and Blu-ray online movie selling company with offices in Amsterdam. The company has been in existence for the last ten years under the stewardship of its founder Evert de Jong. Over this time, it has sold millions of DVDs and Blu-ray movies to households all over Denmark.

Evert de Jong started by selling VHS tapes to households from his home in Amsterdam a decade back. At the time, the CD and DVD technology was still in its infancy. The business rapidly gained the market for the movies. This prompted him to hire a helping hand. Soon after, he also started a website for selling the movies. The company has been selling the movies exclusively from the website to the customers’ addresses. On the same time, the company has grown big with a hundred workers hired to help with the operations of the company.
At the peak of the business, the company has earned millions of Denmark Krones from selling the leading blockbuster movies of all genres. The most popular genres include Action, Adventure, Comedy, documentaries, horror, and romance among others. It has been a household name when it came to movies.

However, over time, new technologies have popped up giving a new meaning to entertainment. In the early days, every home had a VHS player. Over time, the technology was slowly replaced with CD players before DVDs, and Blu-ray technology came into being. For a long time, DVDs and Blu-ray have ruled the entertainment scene. Most people still have the Blu-ray and DVD players at home.
The internet has revolutionized a lot of things including the way entertainment is delivered to our homes. With the proliferation of the smartphones and cheap internet, most of the people are now enjoy the convenience of streaming movies from their devices. Many entertainment companies have cropped up to deliver digital content. This is what has led to the slow death of DVDs and other similar technologies.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible for the company to hop into the new technologies due to the requirements that come with them. The DVD users have gone down in the last year or so making the business unable to sustain itself. Given that there is no likelihood of people going back to the old technologies, the company may not regain its footing. Winding up becomes the only way out.

In a recent interview, Evert de Jong retaliated, “The wind of technological change is inevitable. If you are unable to change, you are swept away by the waves.” “Unfortunately, for our case, the waves were too big for us to swim to the other end.” The founder also revealed that the stock of the company had been sold to the online casino group b.v. which, runs online casinos and casino slot machine websites like gratis gokkasten and leovegas. The later received a prestigious award for being one of the best online casinos within the online gambling industry. If you are curious about the online gambling industry, you can read more here or read our article about the founder here, who currently still works for the online gambling company free spins no deposit

The company management has taken steps to ensure that all its partners and customers are not inconvenienced as we wound up our company. We have made meetings with our investors and other stakeholders in the business to ensure that everyone is on the same page on all matters pertaining the winding up of the company.

We are very sorry for customers that have stood by us over the years. The change in technology is inevitable. Unfortunately, we have been caught on the negative side of the technological progress. As we have always encouraged our customer, we do urge everyone to take advantage of the new entertainment avenues including streaming to enjoy the quality movies we have been delivering to you in the form of Blu-ray discs and DVDs. The company will make additional announcements in the course of winding up if it finds it necessary.