About DvdWebShop.nl

DVDWebSho.nl is an entertainment company that deals with selling of movies and related content on DVDs and Blue-ray discs. The company has been offering quality entertainment for the last ten years from its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Under the leadership of Ever de Jong, the company provides a variety of content for the diverse clientele. We have always provided the best quality movies in the market.
The company has a team of 100 employees that work tirelessly to serve our diverse clients from Netherlands and beyond. The team has been behind the success that we have had for the decade that we have been in business.

We are in partnership with several of the content providers to be able to offer diverse content to all our customers.
The business started ten years ago by its founder and CEO Ever de Jong. At the time, he used to sell VHS tapes from his home in Amsterdam. For a considerable period, he served customers from his backyard.

Over time, the business flourished to a point where he opened an office and employed a couple of staff members to help with the customer service. With the onset of the online businesses, Evert opened a website with which to sell his movies.

At the same time, the CD and DVD technology entered the market. The company was very fast in adopting the new technology and pioneered in delivering DVD quality movies in Netherland homes. The company has since been offering content exclusively from their website. With the introduction of Blu-ray discs, the company was at the forefront to offer the option to customers whose appliances could play back content from Blu-ray discs.

The commitment to quality and dedication by its staff members, now totaling to about 100, has been the main pillar of success for the company. In fact, it has become a household name synonymous with quality for the last few years.

As the entertainment scene changes, the company is proud of its successful past. Unfortunately, it is stopping the sales of the DVD and Blu-ray discs on its website and winding up the business. This has been due to reduced uptake of the DVD content, as many people prefer streaming than buying physical DVDs. There is no chance that many who have started streaming movies and other b video content will come back and buy the DVDs instead.