An independent casino movie to watch

About two years ago, a couple of friends of mine decided to write their own independent movie. They are as fanatic about movies as I am and thought that they had enough of a story to tell to make it into an interesting movie. And after seeing Gamble Away, I must say that I agree with them. The movie is loosely based on the life story of the little brother of one of the creators. At only 18 years of age, he learns about gratis gokkasten. This means free slot machines in Dutch, but the original term is used throughout the movie. You can find a synopsis below.

Finally, the legal casino age

When Roderick finally turns 18 years old, he can do what he had been anxious to do for so long. He is now old enough to visit the casino. So instead of throwing a big party for all of his friends, Roderick asks his parents for money instead and takes his two best friends, Oliver and Peter, to the casino with him. They have a lot of fun flirting with and paying drinks for beautiful women. At the end of the night Oliver even ends up with a small profit of €50. Roderick however, lost all the money his parents gave him to slot machines.

After a casino win

The next evening, Roderick sneaks out of his parents’ house to go to the casino again. This time he goes by himself and only brings a small amount. He just wants to win back the money that he had lost the day prior. After he manages to win €100 on slot machines, he decides to call it quits and go home, even though he had lost double that money the day before. The next couple of days he really needs to fight his urge to go back to the casino and win back the other half of the money he had lost. Or even just to play a few gratis gokkasten. Roderick ends up telling his friend Oliver about it who says he can help him.

Away from everything

Oliver takes Roderick and Peter to his parents’ lake house in the north of Europe. There is nothing at this place, not even cell reception. However, when Oliver leaves the house to get wood, Roderick finds an iPad. This device is locked towards all pages, except for one site. On this site it’s possible to play gratis gokkasten. Roderick and Peter start playing these free casino slot machines as they have nothing else to do and cannot find the router or an internet password. As Oliver stays away for over a day, the boys get pretty addicted to these free casino slot machines. They say to each other that they’re lucky that they cannot play for real money, because that might have become an issue.

What will happen next… ?

When Oliver finally comes back, he claims to know nothing about the casino iPad that was found in his house. He says there is no cell phone reception, so no way to have internet. According to him these gratis gokkasten were just downloaded to the iPad and didn’t even need internet. The boys go to sleep, not knowing whether or not to believe him. However, what they will find out the next day will shock them to the core…