Another type of movie fun

If you are anything like Evert, you feel like movies are life. And they are in a way. They bond people, provide entertainment and a topic of conversation in social situations. But movies don’t provide only the obvious fun. Which is when you are watching one. There are also a lot of official games made about several movies. Not just any games, but online casino games. You might associate the online casino with fruitautomaten, or fruit machines, but the environment has changed a lot and the games have become a lot more fun. Especially for the movie fans. Let us elaborate a few classics.

Scarface by NetEnt

There is probably not a movie fan in the world who has not seen the story of the legendary Tony Montana. “Say hello to my little friend”, and that’s exactly what you’ll do if you hit the bonus round that is basically a re-enactment of the scene. Just know that our dear friend is likely to die here, so it’s not for the faint hearted. Other people you’ll run into at this game are Chi Chi, Elvira and Manny. It’s basically like watching the movie again, but with a chance to earn some money. It’s a far cry from the fruitautomaten that you are probably used to.

Rocky by Playtech

Another casino game that’ll make you forget all about the regular fruitautomaten. This is also a game about a legendary movie created by a leading game provider. Relive the adventures of the great Rocky Balboa in this game. You even get to play some nice matches for him with Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed. Meanwhile, you might want to protect Adrian from any harm. This gets especially interesting in the bonus round, which you should be hoping to reach.

Jurassic Park by Microgaming

Every 80`s kid and older kid has enjoyed at least one of the Jurassic Park movies. If any movie should be turned into a slot machine, this is definitely it. Funny fact about it is that the first slot about it was created by market leading provider Microgaming, but the next three games are created by IGT. We always feel like the original is the best, that’s why we stick to that one when playing the game. Just to not destroy the nostalgia for you, we will let you try the game yourself.

Terminator Genisys by Playtech

“I’ll be back”, he said and he has kept his word. Even when it comes to video slots. The first game was developed by Playtech and the second, that goes by the very uninspired name of Terminator 2, was created by Microgaming. Of course we opted for the game that is based on the movie with the most success on the big screen, which is Terminator Genisys. This game offers a lot of extras like wilds with multipliers, free spins and special bonus rounds. It’s definitely worth a try.

Ted by Blueprint Gaming

To end on a lighter mood, we also wanted to mention the slot machine about Ted. This is a comedy movie from 2012 about a talking teddy bear. As cute as that may sound, Ted is not always as appropriate as he should be. Which causes a lot of funny situations, both on screen and in the game. So if you want to continue to have movie fun, but take a break from the action movies, this is a nice alternative. However, this game, just like the movie, might bore you a bit sooner than the action titles.

Online casinos

As you noticed, online casinos nowadays offer much more than just fruit machines. Even though these can be fun as well. The biggest benefit of casinos nowadays is that you have so much choices, it never gets boring. Kind of like with movies.