Evert de Jong

Evert de Jong is the founder and the CEO of DVDWebshop, the company that he formed at his backyard a decade ago. The down earth man has successfully provided entertainment content to thousands of households in Netherlands.

The computer scientist found a gap in the entertainment market ten years ago. People were not getting movies, as the distribution shops were very few. Due to this, he started selling the VHS tapes off the catalog to different homes using their addresses.

He received a high demand for his VHS. He sold them for a while and raised enough cash to set a website (it was quite expensive then) and additional materials to make VHS tapes. He also hired two people to help in the operations. Soon after, he adopted the new CD then DVD technology that he has been using to deliver content to homes in Netherlands.
Evert de Jong is a quiet man that loves spending much of his time with his wife and two children or watching the latest movie series in the market. In a past interview, he once joked that he is the number one client for his business and rarely sells any top selling content without having watched it. His favorite genres are horror, drama, and animation movies.
In the decade, he has been in business, he has also returned to school to do a master in Computer Science with an emphasis on software engineering. At the same time, he has employed a hundred employees to run various aspects of the online business.