free spins no deposit offers new job position to Evert de Jong

Evert de Jong, founder and CEO of DVDWebshop always had a dream to run his own DVD Shop. Unfortunately, his dream had came to an end soon after the DVDWebshop stopped their activities. With a world full of technology, the DVD had to make place to streaming accounts and online rental possibilities. People nowadays nearly use their dvd recorder, which is a real pity for this industry. The DVD had to make place for new innovations and this scenario also affected the business of Evert de Jong. He had to find a new industry where he could spend the rest of his career. We are happy to announce that Evert had found the job that he was looking for. After successfully completed his master in the Computer Science, Evert received a job offer from the gambling company called free spins no deposit.

He is now currently working as a internet technologist for this gambling company, which operates in the online casino industry. The online casino business wasn’t really something that Evert expected to be working at, but the industry really surprised him. As a internet technologist he is now responsible for their intern and extern servers, hosting activities and solving internet issues. Now that he is working in the online casino business, his interest for playing online casino games also increased. In his spare time Evert likes to play online slot machines such as Starburst. He still suffers from a big debt after the couldn’t sustain his business any longer. With the help of a little gambling, he hopes that he can pay all of his debts in a shorter time. Besides playing games for money, he also likes to play it just for fun.

Even though Evert is working for free spins no deposit, he still has a passion for VHS. As a passionate collector, he will keep searching for the authentic VHS’s in order to expand his collection. You can take away his business, but you can never take away his love for DVD’s. In the meantime, things are going great at home as well. His family received a lot of support from others after the DVDWebshop shutting down. Working as a internet technologist will pay his bills, but will not satisfy him for a long time. Evert completed his study as a software engineer and is dreaming to start his business besides working for the Free Spins No Deposit office. Maybe he will start with some small freelance assignments for his own clients and can grow from there.

We’re happy that we could give you a little brief update about the life of Evert. He is doing just fine, even with the lost of his own company. We will keep this website alive, for Evert, so that if he is looking for some extra motivation, he can look at this inspiring webpage. Eventually, hard work pays off and that will also happen to Evert. The previous employees of DVDWebshop all have found a new job within the technology industry. Maybe in the future this company can start up again, we first need to dive in to the new world of technology and find out what people need the most right now.