Message to employees

We have often said that if the day ever came when we could no longer sustain our business, you would be the first to know. We had hoped that the day would not come this quickly but sadly, it has. Technology, though good, has phased out our type of business. For the last 10 years, we have shared an incredible journey, full of memories, and we have enjoyed watching the business grow independently and flourish.

Through your hard work, you have made this company part of the history of Netherlands. Through you, this company has become a hub of innovation, integrity, inclusiveness, and these are the words that can be used to define this place.

We have instilled in each other values that have been a blessing to our lives. May you continue to embody these values each day not just in your work but also in your lives. Above all else, we want to say thank you. It has been a pleasure to work alongside innovative, ethical, and forward thinking people that lead great lives. We are humbled by your loyal service to this company.
You have treated this company not just as a casual place of employment but as if it was a child in your house. For the last 10 years, you have acted as army soldiers, always logging into your computers on time and serving clients to the best of your abilities.

I know some of you are concerned about what will happen next. There are fear and anxiety among us, and we do not belittle these feelings, they are natural, but we have to forge ahead. We are wounding up our company for the lack of enough customers for our online DVD and Blu-ray business. It is a painful decision to make, but we cannot continue with the business if we do not get enough revenue.

We have all learned to be open-minded, consider other people’s ideas, and be part of a team. To see a company go strong for 10 years speaks volumes of your abilities. Let us keep the spirit as we go our separate ways.

It is hard to say goodbye; you have been family to me. My heart is full of gratitude and deep appreciation for all of you. As you go from here, aim higher, and that is where you will be. Be optimistic. Do not settle for less, be the very best you can be. Follow advice and instruction and strive to always make a difference.