Message to partners

t has been ten long years together but seems as if it only yesterday that we started our journey together. We have seen the company grow from its infancy selling the VHS tapes to the point we are today. We have had our lows and highs. We have also been forced to make tough decisions on the way. All in all, we have been able to hold our act together and take the company to new heights.

Over the years, we have been watching the developments keenly in the entertainment scene and new technologies that are coming into the industry. As you may remember, VHS technology was in use when we started. We took a leap in technology to CDs, DVDs and eventually Blu-ray discs. We have always been at the forefront to deliver quality entertainment products to our clients and have adopted these technologies as they came about.

Unfortunately, the pace of change in technology has overpowered us. Most of our core clients have moved from away from the use of DVDs and Blu-ray technology to streaming online content straight from their devices. This has killed our core market and gradually diminished our levels to a point where we cannot operate profitably. At the point we are, we have been forced to wind up the business to prevent hemorrhaging our investor resources. We all know that we are here to make profits on our investments. The resources that you have entrusted us with will not be lost or go down as we move out of the market.

We recognize that it is hard decision to make especially that our profit had hit the new highs in the last year. However, we have no alternative but to come up with ways to return your resources and wish you all the best in your endeavors.

We shall be communicating on the modalities of settling our accounts and making payments to each of our investors and partners. Moreover, we have talked to our suppliers on the move and are in the process of settling any amounts due. We are thankful to them for supporting our business and been on hand to make use satisfy the needs of our clients. They are one of the main reasons we have served our clients satisfactory over the decade that we have been in business. We wish them all the best as they serve their other clients.